«Political parties and other organizations whose programmes are based upon totalitarian methods and the modes of activity of nazism, fascism and communism, as well as those whose programmes or activities sanction racial or national hatred, the application of violence for the purpose of obtaining power or to influence the State policy, or provide for the secrecy of their own structure or membership, shall be prohibited.»…[…]Logia Romana; Known as the most lethal and powerful secret society in the history of mankind; not just because of its huge world wide reaching, but because of its hilarious fundamentalism and tremendous impact on people minds. From the handsome and charming lawyer to the fresh and crazy Rockabilly Pop Star; the ethic lovable Doctor; the timid systems engineer; the responsible corporative lawyer and the efficient civil engineer; this organization counts with every intellectual and creative resources in order to reach its goals. Is suspected that there is a member which activity is even unknown by the other members, and who is in charge of the most highly dangerous missions as been part of the hi-society or to mix with the lowest world of hampa.

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2 comentarios

  1. Lucia Grajales · enero 20, 2011

    Como puedo hacerme tu seguirdora?

    • M G · enero 20, 2011

      Jajaja… pues no sé si ya tengas tu Blog. Desde tu blog puedes seguirme en este blog. O desde Twitter puedes seguirme en @SINCRONIArch y en @MGMaxo

      Se pone muy divertido!

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