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There has been a renewed interest on underground shelters, infrastructures and projects in the past months. But, why are we going back to subterranea once again? From underground infrastructures to international underground laboratories, the idea of exploring the entrails of the planet is at the same time, poetic and provocative. As David Macaulay points on his book Underground:

Beneath the buildings and streets of a modern city exists the network of walls, columns, cables, pipes, and tunnels required to satisfy the basic needs of its inhabitants. The larger city, the more intricate this network becomes.

But when talking about information, the idea of creating an underground space it’s quite understandable: it represent a safer space, with the right temperature and designed to protect our most important data to be preserved for the future. The project Underground information chambers [mining 01100100 01100001 01110100 01100001] by Eva Papamargariti

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