(a proposito de la portada y temática del libro de mi padre, EL TUNEL DEL TIEMPO)

Existe una fuente de intenso pensamiento humano en una tribu de algún lugar en norte-america. Su nombre Anthropik, su Shaman Jason Godesky y su principal trabajo; Las Treinta Tesis. Quince postulados que me explican la humanidad y otras quince que se proyectan al futuro en una suerte de visionaria profecía…[…]Es refrescante conocer modos de pensar diferentes, . . . y con diferente me refiero a -autenticamente claro y preciso – Jason Godesky se auto nombra como Technoshaman y dice pertenecer a una tribu llamada Tribe of Anthropik º Me parece que mas que lo que puede parecer una revoltura de pensamientos, existe una concepción mas bien SINCRONICA entre diversos tópicos. Hablando acerca de sus creencias, concluye diciendo lo que me parece una frase celebre:

Of course, my interpretations are heretical, but when
the text is so clear and straightforward, any other interpretation seems
deceitful. My Jesus is a Gnostic Christ; my God is a pantheistic deity; my faith
is shamanic. It isn’t a conventional creed by any stretch of the imagination,
but don’t mistake me for irreligious simply because you have no name for my

Is refreshing to know diferent ways or thinking,… and with different I mean – authentically different – Jason Godesky autodefines him as a Technoshaman and says to belong to a tribe called Tribe of Anthropik º seems to Me that what can seems lika a mixture of thoughts, is better understand as a SYNCHRONOUS conception between diverse topics. Talking about his beliefs, finishes saying what appears to me as a conmemorative phrase (up)
There are also interesting his 30 Theses about humanity, since a very special anthropologist point of view

Diversity is the primary good.
Evolution is the result of diversity.
Humans are products of evolution.
Human population is a function of food supply.
Humans are neither good nor evil.
Humans are still Pleistocene animals.
Humans are best adapted to band life.
Human societies are defined by their food.
Agriculture is difficult, dangerous and unhealthy.
Emergent elites led the Agricultural Revolution.
Hierarchy is an unnecessary evil.
Civilization must always grow.
Civilization always pursues complexity.
Complexity is subject to diminishing returns.
We have passed the point of diminishing returns.
Technology cannot stop collapse.
Environmental problems may lead to collapse.

Peak Oil may lead to collapse.
Complexity ensures collapse.
Collapse is an economizing process.

Civilization makes us sick.
Civilization has no monopoly on medicine.
Civilization has no monopoly on knowledge.
Civilization has no monopoly on art.
Civilization reduces quality of life.
Collapse is inevitable.
Collapse increases quality of life.

Humanity will almost certainly survive.
It will be impossible to rebuild civilization.
The future will be what we make of it.

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